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People come in all shapes and sizes; at FFS personal training we will help you achieve your health & fitness goals for the person you are. We will help YOU become Fitter, Faster & Stronger.


Studying martial arts for much of my life, I have developed
a great respect for the mind and body. Taking this to another
level when achieving my masters in personal training, I am
ready, willing and more than able to support you with your
fitness journey.
With over 650 muscles, 900 ligaments and 1000’s of tendons,
there’s no denying the human body was designed to move.



Ninja Warrior - 60min
(8-13 years)

- Fun
- Balance
- Self Respect
- Self Defence
- Co-ordination
- Core Strength
- Strength & Fitness

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FFS teens – 60min
(13-18 years)

- Gym
- Cardio
- Boxing
- Strength
- Kick Boxing
- Self Defence
- Coordination
- Weight Training

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$55 - $66

Personal Training
45 or 60min

- Gym
- Cardio
- Boxing
- Strength
- Confidence
- Body Toning
- Self Defence
- Weight Management

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Adult Group PT - 45min
2 - 4 participants

- Gym
- Cardio
- Boxing
- Strength
- Self Esteem
- Body Toning
- Co-ordination
- Core Strength

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It’s better training with a partner; bring your friend to any adult PT session for only $20 extra.
Can’t get enough sweat! Sauna relaxation for up to 30 min - $15 (max. 2 people)

Our Testimonials

Glenn has trained my boys for over 4 years (9 to 14 years) and they just love going to his gym because he keeps training fun. Glenn has not only helped them with their fitness and strength but has improved their confidence and greatly improved the respect they have for others. They have done boxing, weights, running, martial arts, climbing walls and ropes. We just love him and what he has done for our boys! If we had not moved out of the area I would be still taking my boys to see him.

The Henry Family. 2014

FFS personal training has helped me with my weight loss for about 4 months and although it has been hard at times, and I felt like saying FFS... his training is just that little bit more enjoyable with his different training programs and motivation which I think I needed the most. No pressure but a call or text to keep me on track was very helpful and what I needed to reduce from size 16 to a size 12 in about 14 weeks. Glenn helped me reach my goal and i would recommend Glenn (FFS personal training) to anyone wishing for a good personal trainer in Wellington Point area. I am Fitter Faster Stronger and I feel great. Thank you for everything Glenn.

Tammy - Birkdale 2016

I was training with Glenn for over 4 years from when I was about 9 years to 14 years old . I loved his training because it was fun and interesting and not as boring as other training I have done since we moved away. I wish I could go back to glenn's gym as he pushed me to be very good and it was fun. He is great to talk with and helped me with problems at school and at home. I would always go back to Glenn’s gym if I could.

Chas (age 16) - Ormeau 2017

Training with Glenn has been great for me, it has improved my confidence, my self esteem and my personal wellbeing. I would recommend Glenn’s training over anything else.

Max (age 14) - Wellington Point 2017

Glenn is generally interested in helping others to be fitter, faster, stronger. I have been training with Glenn on and off for about 2 years now and he is always there for me and loves putting up with my complaining. I have tried other trainers and gyms but I like the facilities at FFS and I like the style in how Glenn trains you, it’s not always fun but he does like training with you and pushing you through the hard times, it's like having a training buddy. See you next week Glenn.

Siggy - Wellington Point 2017

I would definitely recommend FFS personal training to anyone who is ready to take that step towards a healthier life. Both myself and my two sons have trained with Glenn and the passion he has for healthier life choices is second to none. My kids really felt comfortable with Glenn and gained a lot of confidence from his encouragement and dedication in making everyone feel the benefits of his great training routines. He is a really great trainer and just a really great guy, thanks Glenn.

Wade, 2010-2014

My son has been training with Glenn for the last year and have seen amazing results. Glenn is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy an enthusiasm he brings to all his sessions. He makes each workout a challenge, creative and fun! My son's strength and posture has seen remarkable improvements.

Liza - February 2017

Kev and I would like to thank you for your patience & assistance of both the functional fitness & boxing. Your encouragement and 'going that extra mile' for us has been much appreciated. December 2019

Patricia & Kev - December 2019

Thank you for creating such a fun, fit, fantastic environment for our boys. We look forward to watching them grow strong under your guidance in 2020.

Simon, Ebony - Dec 2019

Ninja Warrior (8-14y)

Ninja Warrior training is a fun introduction to fitness for boys & girls. With a focus on balance, core strength & co-ordination, we offer your child confidence & a healthy start in life. Training is safe, fun and effective, using only the child's body weight to lift, push, pull & swing into a healthier lifestyle.

FFS teens (14-19y)

Imagine life being Fitter, Faster & Stronger. Building the confidence to tackle all the challenges life tosses up. Improving strength within the mind & body is an important part of growing up. At FFS personal training we do this in small group sessions that are fun, stimulating & challenging.

Personal Training (PT)

Your fully equipped private studio has everything required to push your fitness boundaries to the next level, at any level. As a PT, I will challenge you to get through every session & give your best. Leading by example & encouragement I will help you release that fighting spirit & achieve your goals & aspirations.


Can’t get enough sweat! Relaxing in our two person Far Infrared Sauna will get your sweat on. This will help with relaxation, stress relief as well as relieving aches & pains & promotes weight loss.
$10 for 20 minutes (max 2 people).

0403 221 676

King Island Drive,
Wellington Point. 4160
e. Fitterfasterstronger.pt@gmail.com
fb. https://www.facebook.com/fitterfasterstronger.pt

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